Isometric drawing and the meaning

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การเขียนภาพไอโซเมตริก (Isometric)


Isometric 3D drawing

The term "ISO" is Greek, which means "equal or identical" and "Metric" means a unit of measure when the two words are combined into an isometric. ), Therefore referring to 3D images that have sides to each side. Therefore, isometric images are easy-to-draw 3D images with tilt angles and proportions. This isometric picture shows the front, side, and Top, with the workpiece vertical upright and the workpiece being assumed to be tilted to the front by approximately 35 16 minutes, which will produce a side image tilted at an angle of 30 degrees with the same level on both sides

Writing isometric tools requires tools and must always be written on the main axis.

Meaning of the image
Holography means The drawing by bringing the surfaces of each side of the work to compose into a single image. Makes it possible to see the shape, texture, width, length, and thickness of the workpiece Causing the three-dimensional image to resemble looking at a real work piece Three-dimensional images written in many types of writing Each type is different in the writing angle. And the size of the actual work piece With the work piece size in the drawing, in which the author must study the characteristics of each type of three-dimensional image in order to be able to practice drawing correctly

2. Types of three-dimensional images

Three-dimensional images can be divided into many types as follows
2.1 3D stereoscopic images TRIMETRIC is a three-dimensional image that is beautiful and characteristic.
It looks like the most real and is an image that is easy to read because it is difficult to write images continuously.
From the angle used to write the slope of 12 degrees and 23 degrees, and the length ratio of each side is not the same

2.2 Stereoscopic model DIMETRIC is a three-dimensional image that resembles a photograph and
Easy to read But not popular in drawing because it is difficult to write because of the angle
That is used to write at 7 degrees and 42 degrees, and the thickness of the written image will be reduced in half
One of the real thickness

2.3 Holography ISOMETRIC is a very popular three-dimensional image because the image
Easy to write because the image has 30 degrees of tilt on both sides. And the length of the image
All dimensions will be the same size as the actual work. The written picture will be very large, wasting paper space.

2.4 OBQIUE Hologram
Is a very popular three-dimensional image For jobs with curved shapes Or round holes because they can be written easily and quickly due to OBQIUE images Will place the image on one side horizontally Tilted at one angle By writing at an angle of 45 degrees, can be tilted to both the left and right, the thickness of the slant side is reduced by half. OBQIUE images are of two types: CAVALIER and CABINET.
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