Co-Working Space style shop is another style that answers the era

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Coworking is where small businesses and business owners sit together in the same location. Which is a new way of working that is currently growing What makes coworking work different from general office work is that everyone works independently. Is not an employee of any company Although the concept of coworking is relatively new But now there are more than 2000 Coworking Spaces in 6 continents.
Where did Coworking Space begin?
If asked how the format of collaborative work or coworking began Back in 2005, Brad Neuberg founded Coworking Space, the first of its kind in San Francisco, "The Hat Factory." Here, it is a meeting place for students. There are three people writing about IT but there are often people coming to work here every day. Brad is also one of the founders of the Citizen Space, the first coworking space established for working.

Most coworking spaces have simple desks. Table with a partition Or private work areas that can be rented only on a full or full time basis Those who come to use the service can use office equipment or other facilities that have been provided together to provide services such as meeting rooms, printers, kitchens, rest areas and WiFi.

Working in a collaborative style or coworking is rapidly gaining popularity. As there are many advantages over the Executive Suite or executive office. Fees are also cheaper and more flexible to accommodate people. Wherever, coworking spaces are rising in more cities, ready to grow and develop. It is clear that in just 2 years, there have been 2000 new Coworking spaces.

Who is suitable for working in Coworking Space?
Business owner Small business owners and home workers Because at present, the behavior has changed from the past. One reason is because of the effort to reduce the budget of many companies. Working today is not limited to being in the office only. In the United States, there are 32-35 million freelance workers and over 20 million people working at home.

As a matter of fact, working in the home has the advantage of being able to wear anything. Can sleep or sit and work and want to start - stop working at any time But at the same time you don't concentrate on your work Therefore the work is not as effective as it should be. Sitting alone can make you feel lonely and lonely because you don't have friends and may cause your business to grow slower. Working in a coffee shop may be fun for a short while. But when the time passed by Talking loudly in the shop may also cause you to lose concentration at work. Lack of privacy While also being so considerate that the owner might have to order several cups of coffee, causing him to sleeplessly at night For this reason, only 2% of freelance workers choose to work in a coffee shop. But if working together in a coworking space, those problems will be replaced by an atmosphere surrounded by creative and diligent business owners. This will also motivate you to be like that. In addition, Coworking Space also increases the opportunity to meet people that may be good for your business or work. For example, freelance workers may get good ideas. From the business owner Those who work regularly may be inspired to work from the freelance. Which will create a connection with other members together as a social link

What are the other advantages of coworking?

You will definitely make new friends and get to know other people. Many companies are doing business in a small market, so you may need help from outsiders in certain jobs. If you are a successful website owner but don't know how to make your own mobile web application You may find skilled programmers working in the same Coworking Space to help. If you need SEO help, you may find an SEO consultant who can help you. In simple terms, you can find help or coworking with the pros without having to go hard to find anywhere.

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