Terms and conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Subscribers agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of website membership.

1. Subscription Do not need to pay any costs at all.
2. Applicants must fill in various details Completely actual This is for the benefit of the applicant if it is found that the applicant's information is not true. The website will suspend the use of the applicant without notice.
3. After the applicant has applied for membership The website will send the Activate Code to the e-mail specified by the applicant. The applicant to confirm the membership (Activate), the applicant can use Username and Password to access the system ( Log in)
4. Whoever impersonates or commits any act Which is a violation of privacy rights By using the information of others to impersonate to apply for membership In order to obtain membership rights Considered as an offense Must be punished as required by law
5. Applicants must maintain passwords. Or the username in the membership system is confidential. And if others can access from Applicant's name The website is not responsible in any way.